Oh no RotG classpects

Jack's aspect would be Breath, I think. I agree with classpect speculation that says Breath is about direction primarily? And. Jack doesn't have much of that. But that could be blamed on his own likely inverted state through most of his history and the movie. Inverted to value Blood, Jack would be directionless and cling to the idea of his bonds and responsibilities - or lack thereof - which is exactly what he did. Breath is also associated with carefree attitude, and to children's games and petty fun through all the canon characters who are heroes of Breath. Also, if Jack was Heir of Breath, he'd invite change in direction and goals and invite change through direction and goals, which sounds about right? Inviting fun and joy through winter weather? Sort of. And furthermore, like John, he'd be heavily susceptible to being invited to have his own direction changed, which. Happens. So. Heir of Breath.

Tooth would be Sylph of Time, no question. As she collects and guards over the baby teeth and people’s childhood memories “when they need them most”, you could say that she invites healing through Time or invites the healing of Time. Sylph of Time.

North would be… something of Heart maybe? No. I don’t really know. I want to give him Rage, for its connection to the concept of miracles and therefore wonder through Gamzee, but — well, see below. What else, then? I could give up and saddle him with Space, since a session ought to have a Space player, and he is associated more than the others with traveling the whole world in a single night, being little affected by Space. I’m gonna give him Rogue for a class, because he gives gifts to others, which is a roguely thing to do. And you could make an argument for redistributing space with his fast travel. Rogues are also closely associated with being able to stop and smell the roses. Roxy and Nepeta. Do that. Which is sort of like wonder, which is North’s center. So. Rogue of Space.

Pitch is a really good fit for Rage. If you go by some existing classpect speculation, Rage is an aspect that destroys possibility, encouraging people affected by it to fail to see the options open to them, due to anger or fear or whatever. A good aspect for the ruler of fear. If he was a good guy, he might exploit rage or invite the exploitation of rage. You know. For the safety of children. Don’t do the scary thing, you’ll get hurt. But as he is in the movie there’s no question he’s an active destroyer class instead. Prince of Rage.

Sandy is next. Now, Hope is Rage’s opposite in this theory, the aspect that opens possibilities with belief and optimism or w/e. So I’ll give Sandy Hope, as the ruler of dreams (possibility) and Pitch’s nemesis. I want to give him the Witch class, as a powerful manipulator. It’s been canonically confirmed I guess that witch is meant to be a female-exclusive class? But Sandy is the only one who manipulates his domain directly, actively, and even in battle. Witch is a perfect fit. Witch of Hope.

Bunny's aspect you'd think would be Hope; that’s an easy answer, but it doesn’t really fit the group as a whole… so… Life would also fit him…? Perhaps more, really, considering the aspect symbolism instead of just the word. Life, like Bunny’s type of hope, represents rebirth… and… stuff. I think Page would suit as a class, maybe. Page is an active change class, right? With a slow-building potential and low base stats. Mini-Bunny is hilarious and fits that idea, and his role in the movie is to bring hope (here symbolic of Life) actively through the celebration of his holiday. Page of Life.

The Man in the Moon is Muse of Blood, an ultra-passive character who inspires responsibility and unity. I will not budge on this. Muse of Blood.

Jamie I want to cast as Lord of Light because I am a doofus. But I will not. Light is certainly an appropriate aspect, though Hope would also fit… knowledge and belief, and the more literal light associated with the Light aspect fits with his role in the movie as the last light on the globe. But Lord isn’t really an appropriate class. So what is? Knight, no question. In the movie, Jamie’s belief is just one little light, but it’s exploited to its fullest extent to save the day. Granted, in the movie it wasn’t Jamie doing the exploiting… but he’s just a kid, so it’s justified that he wouldn’t know what to do just yet. See in his personality and his actions in the movie a strong belief in his friends, and his own protective nature — both hallmarks of the Knight class. Knight of Light.

Ahahaha night-light pun!

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